Transform your subject matter expertise into hybrid learning paths that work.

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alivearning is a platform that helps companies make the best use of the expertise of their workforce by transforming their experience and knowledge into hybrid learning paths accessible on all devices.


Thanks to the composer path, any expert can transform own knowledge, beyond the current use of webinars aand powerpoint presentations, into a hybrid learning path, accessible on all devices.


Thanks to i planning and facilitation functions in alivelearning, any expert can reach out to 10+ participants digitally and simulatenously, creating an engaging experience combing the best of classroom and scalable digital training.


No more useless e-learning courses or soulless, repetitive video clips. Experience a new format validated by more than 5000 participants, built to guarantee 5 times more of learning effectivenes vs e-learning and 300%+ more in learner satisfaction.


Teams collaborate together to create new learning paths and templates accessible to all company workforce adaptable to different contests and needs.


The endless potential of digital combined with the human intelligence and proximity to create in autonomy learning paths with multiple formats and medium (video, editorial pieces, surveys, quizzes, Q&Qs, exercises and many more).

Platform as a service

A hustle-free platform readily available for everyone’s use. No more long and costly implementation processes.

The first Hybrid Learning As a Service platform

Alivelearning is more than a platform. It is a new method of engaging individuals and teams to create hybrid learning paths with digital on-demand learning and real-time coaching. With alivelearning, each company can empower its own experts to transform their know how in learning paths accessible to everyone.

20+ companies have used alivelearning to upskill and reskill their workforce



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