Simplicity and scalability at the service of the creative spirit of your workforce.

alivelearning is the first hybrid platform as a service that facilitate individuals and teams to collaborate to generate hybrid learning paths. Each path can be used 10 times to engage specific groups or entire company workforce

Create hybrid learning paths that actually work

Combine different medium (video, editorial pieces, surveys, quizzes, Q&Qs, exercises and many more) to transform soulless powerpoint presentations, endless webinars or e-learning modules into simple, effective and engaging hybrid learning paths.

Simplify life

Forget superfluous and complex functions. Engage your people in a simple learning experience. Combine modes of individual study, sharing among the learning cohort, real-life-application and mentoring with experts into one hybrid learning path.

Engage your people thanks to facilitation

Give access to your experts for planning and facilitation of hybrid learning paths via automatic functions designed to monitor, support and stimulate learners. Give feedback to your learners in real time or in asynchronuos mode.

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