Transform experts in learning coaches

In our hybrid learning paths, learners never feel alone. They are coached by an expert colleague who nudge, monitor and verify progress and application. Thanks to in-built facilitation function, experts can engage 10 people simultaneously and meet them “live” to share feedback andd suggestions.

Combines the best traits of the 4 traditional formats

A hybrid learning path accessible everywhere and on all devices, combining the advantages and effectiveness of learning-in-presence and 4 traditional formats (classroom, traning-on-job, e-learning, webinar) alivelearning offers a unique innovative approach based on the constant presence of a learning coach who nudge, monitor and verify progress and application.

From Methodology to Platform

alivelearning is a learning methodolgy developed by a team psychologists, pedogists and educators that combine the effectiveness of coaching and classroom learning with the scalability of digital learning. The platform offers scalablity and accesiblity to all companies that empower their employees and teams to transform know how into an hybrid learning experience.

Are you interested in our methodolgy?

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